Want to sing Barbershop? Fantastic!
Here are some things to know--


    --We're all hobby singers here; none of us are professional musicians.  If you can carry a tune you will fit right in! 



    --Reading music is helpful, but you don't have to be an expert.  It's a great way to get better!  We have learning tracks (recordings with your part enhanced) to help you learn new music. 


     --While you should be able to carry a tune, there are no tryouts or tests to pass.  All we require is your attention and willingness to learn... and a good sense of humor helps too!


First Visit
When you arrive we'll get you a Guest Book with our current music, so that you can follow along.  You can join us or just watch, but we hope you'll jump right in and sing with us-- many of our tunes are familiar and most are fairly easy, and our members will make sure you find your part and help you sing along. 



We want you to enjoy the art of harmony singing-- it's easy to start and hard to master, and it provides a lifetime of fun, fellowship and friendships along the way! 


See you there! 




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